Thursday, 16 July 2009

A Brief Introduction

Okay, I've finally had to admit to myself that I have two great crafty loves: textiles (incl. knitting, crocheting and quilting) and desktop customisation. Now, you can stop yourself right there, because my hubby has already informed me that I am a massive dweeb. Well...Nevermind. Anyway, I already have a blog devoted to my other crafty work (, so I have started blog #2, for everything related to desktop customisation, on the various OS platforms I use.

This blog is partially to share my tips and tricks, but mostly for me to have a record of the "artwork" that I produce. For your info, I use several different OS-es: at work, I use WinXP (which is pretty much "locked down" due to our rather strict IT protocols), Ubuntu at home (the latest release, natch) and Google Android on my T-Mobile G1. I am pretty obsessed with the way things look, being such a visual person, and I tweak pretty much non-stop because I'm always after that perfect, intuitive system...

Please feel free to leave comments/critiques here, or you can find me on the Ubuntu forums (londonali1010) or on (londonali1010). I should also mention that for new screenies, I will be sure to credit other artwork where I can, but for old screenies, I don't have that info to hand. However, I will be happy to have a look for you, if you find a particular wallpaper or font you like!

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