Thursday, 29 October 2009

Slowly moving to DeviantArt

Well, after searching long and hard for somewhere that would host all of my scripts, etc., I have finally settled on DeviantArt. I have moved away from because (a) I don't actually use Gnome anymore, so it seems a little silly to ringfence myself in that way, (b) doesn't allow me to upload full-size screenies, which means I have to resize everything before uploading (read: what a pain!) and (c) ooooh, aren't the colours on the DevArt website purty?

So anyway, you can see my new profile here, and as a tasty taster, here's a screenie of my first upload, an Openbox theme for use with Espresso GTK theme, by SpecKtacle, over on

From My Little Desktop Photos

1 comment:

  1. That colour scheme is clean and unique. I'll be stealing it and working it to my needs ;) well done.