Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Ubuntu Announces Rebranding

If any of you out there are Ubuntu fans like me, you'll be over the moon to read Jono Bacon's announcement about Ubuntu's rebranding! Here's the short version: the colour palette has shifted from brown with orange accents to a lovely aubergine with orange accents, and the whole visual style has been designed around the theme "light". Some hardcore Ubuntu-ites are already crying out for the loss of their beloved brown, but I for one see the change as welcome, and the look overall is more professional and polished than before. The new colours and style make Ubuntu look sleek and modern, and will help promote its position as one of the "big" mainstream operating systems.

Here are a few shots from the branding wiki page (which at the time of posting was only intermittently available, due to "technical constraints or capacity issues"!):

Well done to Jono and the team!


  1. lovely

    ps: the window's buttons are on the wrong side

  2. Oh dear. Brown was bad but this is like the "need a unique colour" that Jamendo did and ended up looking like a bruise.

    Is aubergine such a widely loved colour? Now I have no problem with you and others liking it! :-) but is it good for wide acceptance?

    I was happy with ubuntu being brown and then just instantly changing the theme on first boot. I will still instantly change the theme on first boot, so all this work did nothing for me, sorry.

    But glad someone likes it!

  3. In terms of current market trends, aubergine is a much more commercial colour than brown. Since Ubuntu is aiming to position itself less as a "Linux" system (which is quite scary for new users!) and more as an "alternative" system, they really need to use a palette that is up with the current market. I think they've done that!

  4. Taking a step back and a fresh look at the proposed artwork it is nice.

    The typeset in the logo is particularly good and the offending colour is mainly in the wallpaper so easily changed. It does however look quite smart in the bootsplash.